Nature's Best, Delicious, Healthy Tea.

An Introduction to Turmeric Ginger Tea

Ginger and turmeric have always been a good combination for anything ingestible you can think of from time immemorial. The Ginger Turmeric Tea is just a mixture of Turmeric, Ginger and other additional nutritional ingredients you can think of, such as honey, lemon, lime, and the like. When done properly, you can gain several health benefits from this mixture, though one should watch out for the dosage as it could be very harmful if you take it excessively. According to an medical experts, this kind of tea is meant to be taken in small quantities about four times a day.


The benefits of this tea are quite numerous and cover a wide range of various ailments human beings do suffer, such as extreme body pain, skin inflammation, nausea, cold and flu, sore throat and many more. They even help in weight loss and boosting the immune system. The fun fact is that Ginger and Turmeric on their own are often added to normal food to spice them up. Have you ever tried eating Ginger Flapjacks or Ginger Tofu? Amazing Dish.

The Ginger and Turmeric must be equal in proportion while using them to make the tea. One should not be higher than the other or the true taste will not be known. 


You should also know that these ingredients must be very fresh at the time of usage or else, they will not work the way you want them to. If the ingredients are fresh, including the stem of the Ginger, you would feel the tea very strongly in your chest while drinking it. It will feel almost as if it is clearing your chest. You should try including honey specifically sometimes, especially if you have a dry cough. It helps a lot.