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When you consider things to sell at farmers market, it soon becomes clear you need products that offer the most long-term benefit; ones that need to be replenished, so customers want to return. In other words, consumable goods. ElderBlu makes an excellent addition to your existing booth or as a stand-alone operation. Make money by selling ElderBlu Coffee and Tea at your local Farmers Market

With over 40% of customers returning per quarter, you are building a customer base fast.  And we can help supply literature and advertising material to get the attention of foot traffic. 

ElderBlu offers you a great opportunity for starting your own business or building up your current inventory.  When you do online research for farmers markets near me, you'll find a range of options usually within a one hour radius of where you live.  And not all of these are strictly summer markets;  some are year-round because the climate is moderate or because there is an indoor facility to host the vendors. 

In either case, whether season or year-round, you will likely have several options for selling.    

We are delighted to talk with you on a Wholesale Tea or Wholesale Coffee partnership.  Please contact us below with your business information, desired teas, and quantities, and we will be in touch.